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It's becoming increasingly common to have a backup copy of our files in online storage units. In fact, more of these types of services are appearing that incorporate improvements such as synchronization of folders or file sharing. A great example of this is SpiderOak, which in addition to offering the possibility to backup files in an online hard drive, it also allows folder synchronization among various computers and file sharing in the cloud.

To begin using SpiderOak, it's necessary to have a user account, which you can create at the moment of program installation and verify though your email. Once you've configured your account, you can access the different services that the program offers from the interface: backup copy, view files in the cloud, status of transfers, view shared files, and folder synchronization.

The backup system is simple. You just have to choose what folders you wish to safeguard. The program will take care of uploading the files to the online storage unit and handle the changes in files and folders that were previously backed up.

The file synchronization system works differently. It's function is to synchronize folders among various computers that have SpiderOak installed. This way, you can only select the folders that you've previously configured in each program installation. In addition, you can synchronize folders belonging to the same computer.
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